GPS Phone Number Tracker Online

Remotly track a phone number by GPS without installing software! LocatePhone can find current location of a mobile number worldwide, based on location data from GPS, cell towers and WiFi hotspot.

Spotlights of GPS Location Tracker
  • Instant Result
    Track the geolocation of any mobile number in one click! No need to access the target device and download any software.
  • Wide Compatibility
    LocatePhone allows you to see phone location at any time on PC or another iPhone or Android phone.
  • No Limits
    This GPS phone tracker is suitable for both personal use and business, supporting unlimited searches.

3 Steps to Track a Phone Number by GPS

  • 1

    Request Location

    Enter any mobile number you wish to locate

  • 2

    Perform GPS Tracking

    LocatePhone receive GPS signal and send live location

  • 3

    View Exact Location

    Check exact city, address and timestamp on the map

Global GPS Cell Phone Locator by Number

LocatePhone is a perfect blend of ease of use, wide compatibility and accurate location. Simply employ this professional GPS coordinates finder for family safety or lost devices!
  • Child's GPS Mobile Tracker

    Identify the location of your kids or loved ones on the interactive map and ensure their safety! It can be specially useful when your little ones visit an unfamiliar place or head out to the park for a play date.You don't need to put a tracker on your kids' phone, tablet, laptop or luggage. Simply request GPS tracking by entering the phone number!
  • Online Phone Tracker for Elderly

    You or other caregivers can get current location of elderly relatives and provide timely help if they run into trouble. LocatePhone is capable of tracking elderly's GPS location by entering phone number and keeps you connected to the senoir in your care. It does not demand putting a GPS tracker on the elderly's device.
  • GPS Tracking for Lost Cell Phone

    Available for both Android and iPhone devices, LocatePhone can locate a lost or missing phone by GPS online. It will detect the signal of the device and the strength of its interaction with the closest mobile base station. Even without SIM card or internet access, you can see last known location of the lost device.
  • Accurate Location Tracking for Solo Travelers

    Perfect for solo travelers location tracking and ensure their safety! LocatePhone helps to find someone else's location by GPS satellite and keep connected. You'll know where the travelers or your loved ones are located at specified time or view the route history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does GPS Phone Tracking Work?

GPS receivers on your mobile phone is constantly receiving or listening to signals from satellites. The phone can convert them into data including latitude, longtitude, elevation and time, then allow another device or program to determine the location. GPS phone tracking works better when location services and GPS are enabled on that device.

How Far Can a GPS Coordinates Finder Work?

Due to communication directly with satellite orbiting space, GPS phone finders are not limited by cellular coverage or distance from the transmitting device. Its range is potentially unlimited and capable of sending location data from nearly every corner of the world.

Is There a Free GPS Tracker?

Yes, several free GPS phone trackers are available to choose from. However, not all of them deliver accurate location and work seamlessly. To get precise GPS location, you can employ native free tracking apps such as Find My Device by Google or Find My iPhone for iOS users. LocatePhone is also a good choice when you need to identify GPS coordinates of cell phone by number.

How to Locate a Cell Phone with GPS Turned Off?

If GPS is disabled on a mobile phone, you can not use GPS to track it. However, cell phones are constantly connecting to nearby cell towers, so it's possible to triangulate the approximate phone location. You will receive general location but not precise location.

How to Track a GPS Location by Phone Number?

The most hassle-free way to locate a cell phone number is via online GPS tracker like LocatePhone. It uses data from GPS satellites, cell phone towers and known WiFi networks for more precise location information. Simply type in phone number and find GPS location online!

Can I GPS Someone's Phone Location?

Yes, thanks to GPS technology and enhanced AI algorithm, LocatePhone allows you to track someone else by phone number and make sure they're always safe. You'll be able to help locate your family member's or friend's lost device by number, without accessing the target device or downloading any software.