Find Samsung Location by Phone Number

One click to locate Samsung phone without installing software, regardless of the operator and brands. Simply enter phone number to track Samsung mobile phone!

Highlights of Samsung Finder
  • Easy to Use
    No app installtion or target device access is required. Just enter the phone number and get location.
  • Wide Compatibility
    LocatePhone supports all types of phone brands and operating systems.
  • High Accuracy
    Our Samsung tracker combines with GPS and base station data for accurate location and show it on the maps.

How to Track a Samsung Phone by Number?

  • 1

    Fill in the Number

    Enter the mobile number you wish to locate

  • 2

    Start Geolocation

    Quickly enable Samsung phone tracking by GPS

  • 3

    Carry out geolocation

    View exact location of Samsung device on the map

Professional Samsung Phone Locator by Number

Find your lost or stolen device with exclusive Samung GPS tracker! Only in 3 simple steps can you view precise location on the map.
  • Locate Samsung without Samsung Account

    No need to access SmartThings Find or Find My Mobile in Samsung! Just type in phone number and find lost or stolen Samsung phone in seconds. LocatePhone will automatically activate GPS tracking and send you accurate location.
  • Find My Samsung from Another Phone

    Trace your Samsung Galaxy phone, tablet, smart watch and other devices with ease. LocatePhone can works with any type of mobile phones, so you can track Samsung phone from another Samung, iPhone or Android device.
  • Find Family's Lost Samsung Phone

    By entering the phone number of your family member, you'll be able to help them locate a lost or missing Samsung device on LocatePhone. It does not require the Find My Mobile/Device installed on their device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do If I Lose My Samsung Phone?

If your Samsung device gets lost, the first step is go to Find My Mobile page and log into your Samsung account online. It will show you the last known location of your device on the map. You can remotely lock your device with password or erase all data to protect your phone.

How Much Does Samsung Locator Cost?

A wide range of free Samsung phone locator are available on the market. However, not all of them works well and send accurate location. You can try LocatePhone and view accurate location on the map. It's the smart blend of ease of use, compatibility and performance.

How Does Samsung Phone Tracker Work?

LocatePhone works by utilizing GPS, triangular cell towers and WiFi signal to determine the exact location of a mobile phone. The Samsung device can be located using the signal that phone emits to communicate with nearby antenna towers.

How Often Does LocatePhone Update Samsung Phone Location?

As a web-based location service, LocatePhone will not continuously locate a Samsung phone. To get latest and exact location, it's better to start another phone location tracking.

Can I Track My Samsung Phone If It's Turned Off?

If you have enabled "send last location" feature before it get lost, Find My Mobile will identify the last known location of Samsung phone and send the location to the server. However, it's advisable to locate your dead or switched off Samung phone using LocatePhone.

Can You Track Someone Else's Samsung Phone?

Yes, if you need to find your kid's or other family member's lost Samsung device, LocatePhone can help you out. It lets you check someone else's phone location by number.