Locate a Phone Number

Track any cell phone worldwide, no matter which brand or cell service provider. Find the location of mobile number in just a few moments, combine family, business and other activities for simplicity.

  • Ease of use

    User-friendly design and streamline process make it easy to use. Just follow the walkthrough wizard to locate any cell phone.

  • Choice of confidentiality

    Geolocation of the mobile phone will be done on our servers, no script will be launched on your terminal.

  • Worldwide coverage

    Our service enhances accuracy by using global positioning system and it is available worldwide if the target mobile phone is connected to the internet.

  • In accordance with legislation

    This service is offered in compliance with AEPD regulations and geolocation will activate only with the consent of the person searched.

Steps to locate a cell phone number

  • 1

    Enter phone number

    Type in the phone number you wish to geolocate

  • 2

    Make payment

    Make the payment of the service by credit card(secure payment)

  • 3

    Carry out geolocation

    Enter your phone number to receive the geolocation result

  • 4

    Receive result

    Receive the SMS indicating exact location on your mobile phone

One-Click Phone Number Tracker Online Solution

Locate any cell phone worldwide without the need to install any apps. Our robust system helps pinpoint a target’s device location within 3 meters.
  • Precise Geographic Location

    Thanks to the global positioning system, you will access the live position of the cell phone number. Once you have entered the target phone number in the dedicated fields, our algorithms are deployed to help locate a cell phone and will provide you with accurate location with a minimum margin of error. Once the mobile phone is located, you will be redirected to a new page which will display a map with the precise location.
  • Locate Lost Phones

    Find any lost Android or iPhone, tablet or smart watch by number, without Google account or Apple iCloud. Whether you want to locate your own missing phone or find your family member's device, LocatePhone can trace phone number location with a high degree of accuracy. Simply type in phone number and see exact coordinates on the interactive map.
  • Track a Person's Location

    With LocatePhone, you can accurately find someone's location by phone number, without accessing the target device! You can track the location of your kids, elderly or other family members online up to 3 meters and make sure they are always safe. Just access the geodata of any device connected to interrnet cell towers and stay connected with your family member!

Find Exact Location of Mobile Number Online

Mobile phone tracking is a process of determining the location of a cell phone, based on satellite signals through GPS. It happens through multilateration of radio signals between several cell towers of the network and the phone, or via GPS. With LocatePhone solution, you can locate a mobile number anytime and anywhere.

How Can I Track a Cell Phone Number?

There are chances that your cell phone carrier can help with location tracking as many companies do incorporate such solution as requests. Or else, you can seek help from social network platforms that provide location data. However, if you wish to track a cell phone number without installing software, the phone number locator is your best bet.

How Long Does It Take to Track a Phone Number?

Most phone number locator services uses GPS satellites to send accurate location within minutes. However, some may take up to 24 hours if they are using carrier records. By using LocatePhone, you can locate any phone number worldwide in seconds and see accurate location on the interactive map.

Are the Searched Phone Numbers Stored in Your Database?

No, in no way LocatePhone store or use any phone numbers searched by the user. The purpose of our geolocation service is to provide location information about phone number, that's all.

Do I Need to Install an App on Tracked Phone?

No, additional app installing, downloading and customizing is not required. The GPS location tracker is launched directly from the dedicated field. Simply type in phone number you want to locate and find location online!

How Accurate Is the Location by LocatePhone?

LocatePhone can track your phone location to within a few memters. Inbuilt GPS receivers use the time it takes for signals to travel from multiple satellites to your phone to triangulate your location. Just enter phone number and you'll see exact coordinates.

How Does Phone Number Tracker Work?

Our cell phone number tracker access carrier information, GPS data, cell tower triangulation and WiFi hotspot to determine a phone's location.GPS devices receive satellite signals and use calculations to identify location, time and velocity.

What Mobile Operators Does LocatePhone Support?

LocatePhone is compatible with all popular mobile network such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and more. Simply enter any phone number to locate a device roaming domestically or internationally.

When Can I Use the Mobile Number Tracker for?

LocatePhone can help you find lost or stolen iPhone, Android or Samsung phone, track location of kids, friend or family members to keep connected, or researching unknown callers. However, they should only be used appropraitely and legally.