IMEI Number Tracker Online for Lost Phone

Simply enter the phone number to identify the IMEI number and activate location tracking in seconds! Get accurate location without professional skill or app installation required.

Advantages of IMEI Code Tracker
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
    Online IMEI tracking maps lost phone location on easy-to-use dashboard. Simply locate a mobile from a computer, tablet or another phone.
  • Fast & Accurate Location
    Using data from cell towers and satellite, your mobile phone can be tracked down to a few meters in just a few clicks.
  • Work Globally
    No matter what types of phone you're using, our online IMEI tracker can locate a lost phone anytime and anywhere.

How to Find My Device with IMEI Number?

  • 1

    Enter Phone Number

    Type in the phone number or IMEI you wish to find

  • 2

    Activate IMEI Tracking

    IMEI tracker will be available in seconds

  • 3

    Wait Your Results

    Log into your dashboard and see exact location

One-Stop IMEI Phone Tracker Online

Powered by cell towers and satellited-based GPS technology, you can find lost iPhone, Android or Samsung phone by IMEI number in just a few clicks.
  • Track Lost iPhone by IMEI

    Use our IMEI finder to locate your lost or stolen iPhone with ease. LocatePhone combines with GPS satellite, WiFi networks and cell tower triangulation to track location of missing iPhone and send accurate location on the online map.
  • Android Phone Tracker by IMEI Number

    LocatePhone is capable of tracking Android phone by IMEI and displaying accurate address and timestamp on the maps. Our service will analyze the identifier to access cell tower connection records across any carrier, then triangulate and determine the geolocation coordinates and address of the building closest to it.
  • Find My Samsung by IMEI

    LocatePhone can help to track lost Samsung phones by IMEI number without having to contact the operator or police. You just need to enter the phone number of target device and it will scan your mobile operator's database and search for devices whose IMEI code matches the specified phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Search for IMEI Number in Mobile?

For both iPhone and Android users, you can locate IMEI number by going to Settings > General > About. Then scroll down to find the IMEI number. Alternatively, you can dial *#06# on your device's Phone app to search for IMEI number.

Can I Find Phone by IMEI without SIM Card?

Yes, IMEI number is a unique 15-digit serial number for identifying a device. Even without SIM card, the lost phone's movement can be tracked through carrier networks.

How Does IMEI Finder Work?

LocatePhone uses global database from cell towers and satellite to match the IMEI number and track phone location and show it on the map.

Can I Track Someone's Location with IMEI Number?

Yes, if you need to locate your family member for safety, IMEI code tracker can help you out. Just enter the target phone number and track another person's location in LocatePhone.

How to Track IMEI Number through Google Earth?

Google Earth does not provide capabilities of searching mobile by IMEI number. However, if you know a cell phone's GPS coordinates or the location of a cell tower to which it's linked, you can use Google Earth to view the location on the map.

Can I Track a Switched Off Phone Using IMEI?

When location service is disabled, LocatePhone can only search for the phone in a very small area. You will find the last known location of a lost phone as long as the phone was recently connected to a cell tower. However, if the phone is offline or powered off for a long time, location may be inaccurate.