Find My Android Phone by Number

Track Androiod phone location by number online in just a few clicks away! GPS phone finder determines the location of any smartphone running on Android operating system.

Advantages of Android Phone Finder
  • Ease of use
    Unlike other Android phone finders, LocatePhone works seamlessy without installing software on your Android phone.
  • Work with Any Phones
    Our service locates any Android device from major brands like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc, and supports all phone carriers.
  • Track Multiple Devices
    LocatePhone is not limited to one device tracking and you can track up to 5 different devices simultaneously.

How to Locate My Android Phone

  • 1

    Enter Phone Number

    Input the phone number you wish to locate

  • 2

    Find Android Phone

    GPS determines the current location of an Android phone.

  • 3

    Check Accurate Location

    Receive your Android phone location via SMS/email.

Ultimate Android Phone Locator by Number

No need to access target device or Google account. LocatePhone can find where the Android phone, tablet or other device is located in 3 steps.
  • Find Lost Android Phone without Google Account

    LocatePhone is known for its tracking capabilities for Android phone. Even if your location service and Google account are disabled, this Android phone locator can find a lost or missing device by simply entering the phone number.
  • GPS-based Android Phone Finder

    By connetcing to GPS and cell towers, LocatePhone can accurately track an Android phone to within 3 meters. You can view the exact GPS coordinates, zoom in and out of the location on the interactive maps.
  • Track Android Phone from Another Device

    No matter you want to find iPhone from Android or locate Android phone from another device, LocatePhone can work seamlessly, regardless of the installed Android version. Instantly locate Android phone by number without worrying about compatibility!
  • Find Your Family Member's Lost Android

    LocatePhone finder can exchange data packets with popular satellite operators then activate Android phone tracking. It helps to find your kid or other family member's lost or stolen Android phone with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Locate Android Phone without Google Account?

Several options are available to find Android phone without Google account. You can contact your wireless carrier, seek help from your phone manufacturer, use Find My Mobile in Samsung or track phone by number with LocatePhone.

How to Track an Android Phone from iPhone?

LocatePhone is a GPS location tracker that allows you to track an Android phone from iPhone and vice versa. Even if your family member is using iPhone, you're using Android device, this tool can help you out.You also can geolocate a tablet or watch on Android.

How Accurate is Google Find My Device?

Google Find My Device uses satellites to track Android phone location up to around 20 meters and its accuracy can vary due to several reasons. For example, when you're inside buildings or underground, the location is sometimes inaccurate.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone from Computer?

Simply launch LocatePhone service on any web browser, type in phone number of your missing Android device and perform location tracking online. In just a few clicks, you'll receive accurate location in the form of mapping.

Can You Track an Android Phone That Is Turned Off?

It can be challenging to track a dead or turned off Android phone as it stops sending signals to cell towers. However, the service provider can tell the last location once it's switched back on. Or you can try using LocatePhone to find your Android phone location by phone number. It can connect to GPS and cell towers to send accurate device location.

Can You Locate a Mobile If the SIM Card is Removed or Changed?

Yes, both Find My Device service and LocatePhone allow you to track an Android phone without a SIM card. They will need to have a secure WiFi connection or hotspot to be accurate.