Find My iPhone by Phone Number Online

In just 3 steps, you can find the currect location of iPhone without iCloud access! LocatePhone employs the GPS and triangulation of cell towers to track iPhone location and show it on the map.

Advantages of iPhone Tracker
  • Support All Phones & Carriers
    Our iPhone tracker is compatible with all carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and can work seamlessly on iPhone, iPad and other devices.
  • No App Installation
    This iPhone locator does not require app installation on your device or tracked device. Just enter phone number and find iPhone location.
  • Works Anytime & Anywhere
    LocatePhone tracks iPhone devices worldwide as long as the phone is connected to the internet, and notify you of currecnt location.

How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online?

  • 1

    Type in Phone Number

    Enter the phone number of your lost iPhone and let LocatePhone handles the rest.

  • 2

    Enable iPhone Tracking

    iPhone tracker will establish a satellite connection to locate the nearest cell tower and show the iPhone location on the map.

  • 3

    Recive Your Result

    Check the iPhone location on the map through text messages or your user dashboard.

One-Stop iPhone Location Tracker by Phone Number

Experience an all-in-one iPhone GPS tracker for specific needs. Whether you want to find a missing iPhone or track a family member's iPhone, it has got you covered!
  • Find Lost iPhone without iCloud

    LocatePhone uses a combination of GPS, WiFi signals and cell tower triangulation to determine the iPhone location by phone number, with an accuracy of up to 3 meters. You can track lost or stolen iPhone online in seconds without Find My iPhone or iCloud access!
  • Track iPhone Location from Another Device

    You don't have to worry about compatibility issue. Our iPhone location tracker allows you to find your iPhone from another iPhone or Android device. Remotely locate yours or your family member's lost iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch with ease.
  • Real-time iPhone Location Updates

    Once you enter the phone number in dedicated field, LocatePhone will trace your iPhone location with a detailed timestamp, including exact country, city, address. See device location at specified time on the interactive map!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find My iPhone from Computer?

Yes, Find Devices on allows you to trace the approximate location of your iPhone. Simply open Find Devices in Safari on a Mac computer and locate devices. You also can launch LocatePhone online from computer and find your lost iPhone.

Can I Track an iPhone If It Got Stolen or Jailbroken?

If your iPhone was jailbroken and removed from iCloud, you won't be able to track it anyway.However, Google Maps location history, IMEI number tracker or professional iPhone GPS tracker like LocatePhone can help to locate a lost or stolen iPhone.

Can You Find Someone by Their iPhone?

Yes, LocatePhone lets you track someone else's iPhone in 3 steps. If your family member or friend's iPhone gets lost or stolen, you can locate the device and see exact iPhone location on the map.

How Long Does It Take to Track a iPhone Number?

Thanks to AI algorithm, location-based technology can analyze large amounts of data in real-time and find iPhone by phone number in just a few minutes. Simply type in phone number and let iPhone tracker takes the rest of work.

How to Find a lost iPhone That Is Turned off?

To find a dead or offline iPhone, you can use Find My to track the phone's current location. If you don't enable Find My feature, you need to retrace your steps to find last location of your iPhone or employ LocatePhone to view current iPhone location.

How Accurate is Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone accuracy can be vary due to the availability and quality of GPS signals, WiFi and internet connections and even Bluetooth. Thankfully, LocatePhone combines precise GPS technology, WiFi signal and triangular cell tower to track your iPhone with up to 3 meterts of accuracy.