Track Someone's Location with Phone Number Online

Remotely find your family members' or friends' location in only 3 steps and get complete peace of mind!

Key Strengths of People Finder
  • Ease of use
    Intuitive interface and streamlined process make it easy to perform people search. No need to download or install any software.
  • Work on Any Devices
    Our people tracker is compatible with any devices, including iPhone, Android, Samsung device. It can work seamlessly on all carriers.
  • Fast & Secure Tracking
    Tracked phone number won't be stored or leaked by database.Only you can access the target phone's location.

How to Track Someone's Location by Phone Number?

  • 1

    Enter Phone Number

    Type in the mobile number you wish to geolocate

  • 2

    Activate Location Tracking

    GPS and cell towers work together to track location

  • 3

    See Exact Location

    Find out where someone is located on the map

Proven Solution to Locate Someone by Phone Number

Unlock the potential of familly locator and get someone's location anytime and anywhere!
  • Find My Kids Location

    Track your child's location by number for child safety! Stay informed and provide timely help if your child goes to an unfamiliar street or walks home late at night. Parents can zoom in the map up to street-level detail and understand exactly where your children are.
  • Find My Friend by Phone Number

    Find out where your friends are located if you get separated from friends at a concert or in the crowd. LocatePhone helps you track your friends' location by phone number and keep connected! Enable location access and see your friends' exact locations, avoiding wasting precious time trying to make phone calls and vaguely describe the location.
  • Locate Elderly Family Member

    Locate your elderly loved ones' location online and get peace of mind! Whether they're hiking in the moutains or exploring a new place, you can make sure they are always safe and know where they should be. LocatePhone allows you tyo view your loved one's phone location on a map via online tracking based on their phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to See Someone's Location on iPhone?

Both Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are native iPhone apps that can help to find someone's location on iOS devices. Simly location sharing among each other and check the location of your family or friends. If you are not ready to enable the app, you can try LocatePhone to track someone else's location by phone number, regardless of the types of phone.

How to Find a Person by Phone Number If the Phone is Offline?

Find My Network and Google Timeline allow you to locate a phone even if it's switched off or offline. They will prompt your phone to send the last known location to the servers. To get more precise location, you can launch LocatePhone online, which enables you to locate someone by phone number and show exact coordiantes on the map.

Why Does It Say No Location Found for Someone?

It can happen if location services is disabled and it prevents the phone from sending signals to cell towers. You may only identify the last known location of someone else.

How to Locate Someone on Google Maps?

In just a few simple steps, you can find someone's location on Google Maps. Simply go to Google Maps > profile picture > Location Sharing. Then tap the profile of the person you want to locate.

How Accurate Is the Location on LocatePhone

LocatePhone works with GPS, WiFi signals and cell towers to improve and guarantee the location accuracy. By using GPS locator by phone number, you can track a person's location up to 3 meters. It allows you to see exact GPS coordinates and timestamp of the location on the map.

How Long Does It Take to Track Someone's Location?

Leveraged by modern GPS technology and AI algorithm, phone location tracking can be determined almost instantly. For this to work, simply launch LocatePhone online, then type in any phone number of your loved ones and get accurate location to keep connected.