9 Best GPS Tracker with No Subscription 2024 [For Phone, Car, Pet]

Selecting the best GPS tracker with no subscription can be tricky but there are plenty of choices. Most trackers have recurring payments to cover their extensive GPS monitoring features to help you monitor your loved ones, furbabies, and assets. But what if you desired a GPS tracker with no monthly fee? Keep scrolling to uncover our no-subscription GPS tracker alongside GPS trackers with cheaper monthly fees to help you make the best choice. 

What is the best GPS tracker?

The best GPS tracker isn’t about paying a monthly fee. It’s more about why you need a GPS tracker and the features you desire. Perhaps you want a dedicated pet GPS tracker that would fit discreetly around your pets? Or do you want a GPS tracker for a car that works for your vehicles without being too complicated? To help you, we rated some GPS trackers based on the size of the tracker, their subscription costs, ease of use, data encryption and protection, real-time tracking, and other features the tracker provides. 

We also assessed them based on 24/7 customer support, battery life, and reliability regarding trigger speeds and geofence alerts. That way you can weigh their benefits and limitations to pick the one that gives you immense peace of mind. 

Best No Subscription GPS Tracker for Phone

A GPS tracker with no subscription is a great choice for a straightforward solution. Such a GPS tracker with no monthly fee allows you to quickly track and pay for the services you need as you go. 

Google Maps

Google Maps is an awesome GPS tracker without a monthly fee. You can set up on tablets, and smartphones to track and monitor your loved one’s location at any time. It comes with simple, user-friendly features. It also stores location data, and search history plus options to set up alerts for battery power and location. You can also send your location to designated contacts.

Plus, Google Maps prioritizes user privacy and data protection and can only begin tracking after getting consent from the target device. However, as a phone GPS tracker, you can’t use this tool to track pets, vehicles, or other items directly. 

Key Features 

  • Phone GPS tracker with location tracking
  • Scheduled location updates and Geofences
  • Works with both Android and iOS devices
  • Share arrival and departure times
  • Access historical location data 


  • Not ideal for tracking pets or other items.

Cost: free.


Life360 GPS phone tracker is a fantastic GPS phone tracker you can use to track your loved one or even a car. Once you’ve installed the Life360 GPS phone tracker on your target’s phone, you can start tracking from anywhere. However, Life360 GPS works from your phone. But you can always expand your tracking by purchasing the Tile Bluetooth trackers for tracking bikes, keys, and even your furbabies. Paired together, you can set up a robust monitoring solution that gives you well-deserved peace of mind. 

Key features

  • Access historical data about visited routes
  • Set up geofences with location updates 
  • Send directions to your loved ones quickly
  • Receive alerts via email, and push notifications 
  • Driving reports and SOS buttons.
  • Works with, iOS, Android, and desktop systems
  • Can detect crashes from loved ones 
  • Has a free plan 


  • Complicated subscription costs
  • Regular false crash detection alerts

Cost: Free plan for 2 place alerts, premium starts from $4.99 monthly 


Another great GPS phone tracker is LocatePhone. LocatePhone doesn’t require installing an app on the target device. LocatePhone offers you the advantage of tracking anyone in the world without worrying about anonymity. All you need to do is submit the phone number you want to track and it finds that target phone location with precision within 3 meters. It’s also a smart choice for finding lost phones. 

Key features 

  • Suitable for pinpointing your loved one’s location via their phone 
  • Offers a superior tracking solution with incredible accuracy 
  • Complete privacy and security 
  • Works anywhere in the world 
  • Can be accessed from all devices and operating systems.


  • Does not integrate with tracking devices
  • Not ideal for tracking moving devices
  • No geofencing, SOS buttons, or location updates 

Cost: starts from $0.89

Best No Subscription GPS Tracker for Car

You can also consider a GPS tracker with no monthly fee for your car. However, such GPS tracking without a subscription often uses native integration such as the Apple AirTag. Generally, most GPS trackers for cars require monthly subscriptions due to their extensive list of car GPS tracking features. 

LandAirSea 54

LandAirSea 54 is a simple GPS tracker that you can set up right away. With its strong magnet, it latches onto your car’s surface. Once in place, you can start tracking the speed, battery power, and geofencing alerts via the phone app.  Besides your car, you can always use it as a location-tracking tool for your other items.

You’ll also receive plenty of reports on the whereabouts of your items at any given time. You will also enjoy the historical playback feature where you can see trips in intervals. 

Key Features

  • Receive alerts about speed, battery, and geofence 
  • Waterproof with Internal magnet
  • Can share location with designated contacts 
  • Receive alerts via email and push notifications 
  • Works with Android, iOS, and desktop systems.


  • Complicated subscription costs
  • Often loses signals.

Cost: The device costs $19.95, plus $19.95 monthly 

Apple Airtag

Apple AirTag isn’t a tracker designed for your car. But it’s a round tracking device of over 1.5 inches and extremely lightweight. So, you can place it on your car, and using your Apple’s Find My network, keep track of its location. However, Apple Airtag works for tracking your pets and belongings, because there’s a selection of accessories you could use to attach it to your pet’s harness, or collar. 

You’ll also love how easy it is to set up and use via your iPhone’s Find My app. Plus, it is also a great GPS tracker without a subscription. But then, it does not offer robust tracking features like departure notifications, battery alerts, or geofences. 

AirTags also have to be close  (approximately 33 feet) to an iPhone or iPad (running on iOS 14.5 or later) to remain online. So, it can use your iPhone (or iPad) as well as other people’s devices to help you maintain your monitoring. Nevertheless, the biggest downside is that you can’t use it with Google or Android phones. 

Key features 

  • No Geo-fencing alerts or location updates 
  • Year-long CR2032 battery life
  • Extremely small and light 
  • Splash, water, and dust resistant
  • Notifies via push, email, or app
  • Works with iOS or desktop 
  • Affordable and without a subscription.


  • Limited tracking features and no geofence alerts
  • only works with Apple phones. No option for Android users. 
  • Requires iPhone or iPad running on IOS 14.5 and later
  • No SOS button.

Cost: No monthly subscription, costs $24 for a single device or $82.99 for a pack of 4


Tracki is a versatile GPS tracker that can work as a belt clip, keychain, or magnetic accessory. Hence, it’s a great GPS tracker for cars, pets, and even kids.  

Tracki sends alerts via email and text, however, the push notifications don’t always work well. Tracki also allows you to customize the features you’d like to track with powerful reporting options. 

Tracki also stands out because you can have three physical buttons sending manual alerts to designated contacts. Such can act as communication channels during emergencies. 

Key features

  • Multiple accessories 
  • Lifetime warranty to freely replace the device
  • Set alerts for moving, SOS button, low battery, and geofence entrance/exit
  • Track in one-minute intervals
  • Receive alerts via SMS, Email, and push notifications
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • iOs, Android, and Desktop OS support. 
  • Batteries last up to 5 days on fast alerts and 30 to 75 days on low-power mode. 
  • It works in over 190 countries.
  • Works as a great SOS panic button
  • Save history for up to five years 
  • Track via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


  • Must charge it every 2 to 3 days 
  • Can be confusing to set up at first.

Cost: The device costs $9.88 plus $19.95 monthly

Best Dog GPS Tracker without Subscription

It’s difficult to find a dog GPS tracker without a subscription. Often, your furry babies require more than just GPS tracker accessories you can attach to their furs or collars. Usually, these pet GPS tracker devices also combine health-tracking solutions to give you a more rounded view of your pet’s wellness. 

Tractive GPS tracker

Tractive GPS tracker is a suitable pet GPS tracker that comes in two tracker sizes ( small or large). Both can be secured using a handy rubber clip to your dog’s collar at any time. The small tracker is great for dogs, and cats (and other pets) between 9 and 49 pounds. You can use the larger tracker for bigger pets. 

However, the small tracker’s battery lasts 10 days, while the larger size gives you about one long battery power. Tractive is also super accurate in terms of location tracking, which it does by combining cellular and GPS networks. 

Plus, you can adjust its real-time location updates to as often as every two to three seconds. 

With this dog GPS tracker, you can also create geofences, so that you receive alerts whenever your dogs wander out of them. The only downside is that it’s not the ideal GPS tracking without a subscription device. 

Key features 

  • Escape alerts and real-time location updates
  • IPX7-rated waterproof tracker
  • 10 days (small size) to 1 month (large size) battery life
  • Records 365 days of location history
  • Rubber straps for easy attaching and detaching
  • Also tracks fitness activity and sleep patterns


  • Requires a monthly service plan
  • Rubber straps aren’t always secure

Costs: $50 for the device plus $13 monthly


Fitbark is also a great pet GPS tracker that doesn’t just track your dog’s location but a variety of health metrics. It’s small and lightweight and can be used by smaller pets. 

With this tool, you can even track their daily calories, sleep score, activity time, and stress levels. It even links to your Apple Healthkit allowing you to set goals for yourself and your dog.

You can expect extremely accurate information with this tracker because it combines information from three different cellular information. But, Fitbark requires a monthly subscription. Still, you can pick any cellular provider you like such as T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon. 

Key features 

  • Battery lasts up to 60 days per charge. 
  • Ideal choice for both cities and rural areas
  • Waterproof with unlimited range
  • Small and comfortable on the smallest dogs. 
  • 1-3 minute updates on location. 
  • Collects activity, health, and fitness data


  • It attaches to your dog’s collar via zip ties which can be cut off.
  • Requires regular charging 

Cost: $9.95 monthly


When you need a dog GPS tracker with no subscription, Petfon stands out. This GPS tracker, however, requires a steeper upfront cost. However, it’s a great choice for short-outings with your pet. That said, Petfon gives you accurate and real-time GPS tracking with a range of 3.5 miles in open outdoor areas (this falls to 0.65 miles in dense city areas). All you need to do is attach the tracker to your dog’s collar.  

And you can follow that tracker, alongside other records like your pet’s daily steps, minutes of rest, and activities. However, the tracker might get glitchy sometimes if turned on for too long. Often it might shut itself down after being idle for a long time and it does this without sending any notification. This can be a problem for longer outings with your dog. 

Key features 

  • Lasts only 8 to 16 hours per charge
  • 1 to 3-minute customizable location updates 
  • Great pet GPS tracker for open outdoor activities.
  • No monthly subscription fee.


  • Requires regular charging 
  • Only suitable for short-distance tracking
  • Not waterproof
  • Shots down frequently 

Cost: $49.95


Can a cell phone detect a GPS tracker?

Your cellphone wouldn’t typically detect a GPS tracker. However, with the help of “unknown tracker alert apps”, you can find and remove trackers placed anywhere near you or your belongings. These apps work by finding GPS trackers through their GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or RF signals. 

Can you put a GPS tracker on someone’s car without them knowing?

It is illegal in many states and countries to install a GPS tracker on someone’s vehicle without their consent. If you also suspect that someone has installed a GPS tracker on your car, you can check for such areas as the dashboard, wheel wells, under the seats, OBD-II port, and even suspicious wires from the battery. 

How do I know if someone put a tracker on me?

Generally, you can’t tell that someone has put a tracker on you unless you find one.  Trackers come in diverse shapes and sizes and might range from simple tags that glue to clothes and shoes to sophisticated items that people hard-wire directly into your car’s battery. Hence, it might be better to patiently and thoroughly comb through your belongings and vehicle for such a tracker.


While you can always opt for a GPS tracker with no subscription as a budget-friendly option for monitoring your pets, cars, and items, they have limitations. Always consider all your needs, such as the tracking range, whether you’re using it on your car, pets, or someone else, and accuracy before setting for any. Tailoring your choice to your specific needs (pet tracking, car security, or personal safety) will help you choose the most effective solution.


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