How to Track Mobile Number in UK

Tracking a phone number is useful in a variety of use cases, including criminal investigations, online dating, employee monitoring, child safety, and others. It helps locate the area or country where the number is located.  However, when you track a UK mobile number, you have to be careful of the legal implications. You have to use public records to find a mobile number in the UK. To track a mobile number in UK, you can scroll down to this blog and access reliable ways.

Compare Different UK Mobile Number Trackers

We have listed some of the best ways for you for free phone tracking UK.

Mobile Phone TrackersGoogle MapsFacebookVodafone Smart TrackerLocatePhoneNumLookup
CompatibilityAll web browsers and devicesAll web browsers and devicesiPhone devicesAll web browsers and devicesAll web browsers and devices
FeaturesProvides live location;
Location history;
Save favorite locations;
Easy-to-use privacy controls
Location history;
Find nearby friends;
Location sharing;
Comprehensive database profiles
Real time tracking;
Quick Alert;
Create tracking and leaving zone
Find lost mobile devices and portable gadgets;
Keep track of family members;
IMEI number tracker;
Reverse phone lookup by number
Identify unknown callersVerify contact informationCheck suspicious activityReverse phone lookup
ProsExtensive mapping database;
Intuitive user interface;
Real time tracking with updates
Identify unknown people and businesses;
Target specific locations and interests;
Quick results
Location updates every 2 hours;
Real time tracking;
Quick alert features
Quick and accurate location results on the map;
No app installation;
Support any phone types;
Global positioning;
24/7 tracking support
Ease of use;
Free to use;
No registration required;
Extensive information
ConsNeeds internet connectionPrivate profiles may hinder mobile trackingAccuracy concernsNot freeDaily free limit

How to Track A Mobile Number in UK 

There are several ways to track a mobile number in the UK. Let’s explore these methods in detail. 

Built-in phone tracker 

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for a location is Google Maps. Now, since this app has a built-in phone tracker, you might be wondering if it can locate a phone number UK free? The answer is yes. 

Google Maps can serve as a very useful tool whether you are attempting to locate a friend or family member, hunt down a missing phone, or look into dubious phone calls. You can find someone or get to a location where they are located quickly with its phone number tracking tool.

Here’s how to track UK phone number using Google Maps:

  • Open Google Maps on the phone of the person you want to track.
  • Navigate to the User Profile or main menu, then choose “Location Sharing.”
location sharing
  • From the targeted device, click on your contact.
  • Transfer a location tracking link from the phone that is being targeted to your smartphone.
  • To track the designated device, click the link and launch it. If you want to keep an eye on where your child’s device is, you can carry out the same procedure from their phone.

Social Media   

You might not know it but social media sites have a wealth of information about all the profiles they have on the platform. For example, Facebook’s Nearby Friend feature allows you to track phone numbers in the UK. In essence, you will share your location with one another. 

Let’s study this process for iOS and Android devices individually as the process differs for each.

For iOS Devices:

  • Activate “Location Services” from your settings.
location service on Facebook
  • Change the location permission to “Always”.
  • Next, tap the icon with the three horizontal lines in the lower-right corner of the screen.
tap the menu
  • Select “Nearby Friends”. You may need to tap the “See More” option.
  • Next, press the “Gear” symbol located in the upper right corner of the screen. This is where the toggle switch is located, allowing you to control whether the service is on or off.

For Android Devices:

1️⃣ Enable “Location Services and Background Location” from your settings.

    android location service

    2️⃣ Press the symbol that resembles three parallel lines. You can find it in the upper right corner of the page.

    3️⃣Tap on “Nearby Friends”.

    4️⃣Once enabled, this feature will provide a list of your Facebook friends who are also Nearby Friends. This implies that not every friend will be visible on this list. You can toggle this feature as per your needs. 

    nearby friends

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    Carrier Phone Tracker 

    With the Vodafone Smart Tracker mobile app, you can find and follow the whereabouts of your loved ones or personal belongings. This software is designed for individuals who use Smart Trackers to monitor and manage various personal objects such as bags, backpacks, travel luggage, bikes, motorbikes, cars, and many more.

    Vodafone smart tracker

    You must first sign up for the Smart Tracker Plan and Service, either monthly or annually, to use this software. You can activate the tracker by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. Get the Vodafone Smart Tracker App from the Apple and Android app stores, then follow the directions on the screen.  

    How To Track a Phone Number in UK Without Installing Software 

    If you want to track mobile phone number UK without installing any apps or software, there are other ways for you to do it. We’ve listed some of the most common and easiest ways to track a phone number. 

    Mobile Number Tracker 

    There are several websites for tracking mobile number UK that do not require installation. You can simply type in the phone number and track the location. 

    One such location-tracking platform is LocatePhone. It allows you to track any cell phone number worldwide in just a few moments. 

    Additionally, it keeps all your searches confidential so that the person on the other end of tracking does not know about it. With LocatePhone you can keep track of your family and friends’ whereabouts.

    If you want to use LocatePhone, follow these steps:

    • Open your web browser and type in
    • Enter the phone number you want to track in the search bar. 
    • Make payment for the service. 
    • Carry out the geolocation.
    • Receive instant results. 
    location result

    Reverse Phone Lookup  

    If you want to do free phone tracking UK, you can perform a reverse phone lookup, such as Numlookup. A reverse phone lookup is a service that allows you to find information about a person or business based on their phone number.  


    Unlike a traditional phone directory, which typically requires you to know the name of the person or business you’re searching for, a reverse phone lookup enables you to input a phone number and retrieve associated information such as the owner’s name, address, and sometimes additional details like their email address or social media profiles.

    IP Address     

    A network provider assigns you a unique numerical label known as an IP address, or Internet Protocol address, which enables you to connect to the internet. It makes it possible for your computer, mobile devices, and other internet-using devices to be recognized by the network provider.

    The IP address and the name and company of your Internet service provider are readily available when your device visits any website. Your phone number is one of the only pieces of personal information that cannot be disclosed because only the services that offer them have access to it.

    However, on occasion, these services will make this information publicly available, which could lead to someone finding your phone number.

    The IP address of an internet user can be obtained in a few different ways. You can ask the user to drop you emails or give you a call, or you may employ tools like IP grabbers and, in some cases, the command line.


    How to locate someone in the UK?

    There are several ways to locate someone in the UK:

    • Electoral Roll searches
    • Online Directory Services 
    • Professional Tracing Services
    • Social Media and Digital Footprints
    • Using Public and Commercial Records
    • Legal Channels for Address Disclosure

    Even if the internet and other services have made it simpler to locate someone’s address, it is crucial to follow ethical standards and data protection rules. Use of personal data that is illegal or immoral may result in severe legal consequences.

    Who is this phone number calling me in the UK? 

    If you do not know the number from which you’ve been receiving calls, it’s better to do a reverse phone lookup. These services can be useful for identifying unknown callers, verifying the legitimacy of a business, or simply obtaining contact information for someone you need to reach. 

    Reverse phone lookup services may be available through online websites, mobile apps, or specialized databases, though the level of information provided can vary depending on the service and the availability of data. 


    The ease with which addresses and other personal information can be discovered online in the digital age raises a number of ethical and legal issues. Unquestionably, the landscape of data security and personal privacy has changed as a result of the widespread use of online services and platforms that provide access to this type of information. This change calls for strict respect for the legal frameworks controlling data protection.

    So if you’re looking to track a mobile number in the UK, you need to do it with the consent of the other person or in situations of emergency. 


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