How to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

If you ever asked “who called me from this phone number – then, this guide is for you. Seeing that call from an unfamiliar number can set off some alarming bells in your head. Instead of answering right away, a phone lookup solution can give you that peace of mind, while making sure you don’t fall prey to scammers and their tactics. 

Luckily, many services can find valuable information on who’s calling you. Keep reading to learn more about different “who is calling me from this number” services, steps on how to use them, alongside their benefits and drawbacks. 

A quick look at top phone lookup tools

As said earlier, you need a reverse phone lookup tool to help identify the owner of that phone number. But then picking the best tool depends on the extent of information you need. And of course, these different tools have their unique features, benefits, and drawbacks. 

Phone number Lookup toolBest forOther key features Pricing 
SpokeoBest for thorough background checksName and email search, reverse address lookup, public record searchesStarts from $0.95
TruthFinderBest for quickly finding the owner’s nameName and email search, reverse address lookup, public record searchesStarts from $1
TruecallerBest for verifying legitimate versus spam calls Real-time caller ID lookup, blocklists, Spam-blocking servicesFree
CocofinderBest for finding criminal recordsReverse email, name or address searchStarts from $0.95
USPhoneLookupBest for finding owner’s nameReverse email, name or address searchStarts from $0.95

How to find out who called me from this phone number 

The best reverse phone lookup tools can save you the time and money you would have used on a private investigator. Below are the best selections to consider when looking for a “who is calling me from this number” lookup service. 


Spokeo is one of the best “who called me from this phone number” lookup service. With access to billions of records, Spokeo allows you to run a thorough search that finds not just the owner’s name, but any birth certificates, phone bills, business, historical or court records. Spokeo even draws from an assortment of social networks to offer a 360-degree view of everything behind who’s calling or texting you. 

Here’s how to find who’s calling me using Spokeo:

  • Enter the phone number you’d like to check and click on “Search Now”.
  • Spokeo automatically begins searching records for any information on your phone number. 
  • If you have specific data you are after, click to select them. Alternatively, you can tap “Skip this” to access all the information. 
  • Enter your email to receive the results. 
  • Tap “Build My Report”.
  • Tap “Take Me to My Report”.
  • Select “Continue” and pay the fee.


  • Robust people search tool with access to billions of public records
  • Has a top-notch customer support and Help resource section
  • Option for a one-time report. 


  • No free searches
  • Information may not always be accurate.


TruthFinder is also a great people search engine for anyone looking for a “who is calling me” service. Using its dedicated phone lookup engine, you can find a host of information about any phone number including other contact information and criminal records. At the very least, this site can help you figure out whether the number came from a mobile phone or landline.

Here’s how to use TruthFinder “who is calling me from this number” service:

  • Go to TruthFinder Reverse Lookup and type in your phone number. Tap Search.
  • Next, confirm that you are aware of the terms of service.
  • Next, mark the box for ‘I’m not a robot’. 
  • Complete your account registration by entering your name and email which also saves your search.
  • Tap “Agree and Continue.”
  • Tap “I Understand.” 
  • Select “Get Full Phone Report.” 
  • Finally tap “View My Report,” and pay the associated fee.


Truecaller “who’s calling me’ service relies on public information alongside user-generated reports to offer valuable insights on any phone number. In truth, Truecaller is a great “who called me from this phone number” free lookup service. With over 374 million users, making reports on the platform, there’s every chance you might find details about that phone number such as whether or not it’s spam, the owner’s name, owned by an individual or business, and other people’s opinions about that number. 

On Truecaller, follow the steps below to find out who this phone number belong to: 

  • Register or login to your Truecaller account 
  • Type in the number you want to find and click the search icon. 
  • Truecaller returns instantly with details about the number including publicly registered addresses.
  • If you’ve found the number to be spam, you may also comment or mark it as spam to help other users.


  • A free tool to validate spam or legitimate phone numbers.
  • Offers mobile apps for advanced lookup


  • May not have the most recent information about your phone number.
  • The user’s address depends solely on public information and may not be accurate.


Cocofinder makes it easy to find anyone’s information using their phone number, name, or even email address. You’ll also find tons of information on any caller such as their social media profiles, associated names, email/physical addresses, and possible phone number location

If you choose to consider Cocofinder’s “who is calling me from this phone number” service, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to CocoFinder’s Phone lookup and type in the phone number. Select “Start Search”.
  • CocoFinder alerts you once it finds information about your search. Next, tap “Continue” 
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address.”.
  • Finally, select “Agree and continue” and pay the fee for your search.


  • Fast way to find comprehensive information about your phone number.


  • Cocofinder uses a network with other People Search websites and may sometimes redirect to other People Search sites, creating a confusing setup.
  • No free searches


USPhone Lookup is also a great database for anyone looking for a “who is phoning me” service. You’ll love how easily you can find information on any phone number. You can even start your search using an email or name. This platform will help you find details behind that phone number such as known associates, mailing addresses, and more. 

Follow the steps below on how to find out who’s calling me using USPhoneLookup:

  • Go to USPhoneLookup and type in the phone number. Tap “Start Search”.
  • Next, enter your age and select “Submit Age”.
  • Once your results are ready, you’ll be prompted to select “View Results”. 
  • Finally, pay the checkup fee and you’ll receive the results via email. 


  • Super-fast processing time.


  • Only works in the US.
  • Not a free search

How to find out who is calling me from this number free

Besides paid services, there are some “who called me from this phone number” free lookup tools to try. The most popular are Google, Reddit, and WhitePages. But often these tools come with tons of downsides. Let’s talk about the limitations of these three options.


Google has access to billions of records which makes it a great place to begin your search. But, since it isn’t a dedicated search engine, you will have some trouble weaving through unreliable data to get to what you want. For the most part, the number has to be publicly listed on a website (such as a business’s contact phone number) before you can find it. Most results, will, however, be outdated, incomplete, or a confusing mess to deal with. 


Reddit is a social media page and doesn’t list phone numbers. Unless a community member started a Reddit post complaining about that phone number, you won’t be able to find it there.  


WhitePages will offer better outcomes than Google or Reddit. However, these results may be limited to landlines and listed phone numbers on business directories. Sometimes these results might be outdated. 


How does who called me from this phone number services work?

“Who called me from this phone number” or “Who is calling me from this number” services involve using reverse phone lookup sites to learn the name, email, address, and many other information about the person or entity behind a phone number.

Can I find out who does this phone number belongs to?

To find out who’s calling you, you need to type in the phone number into your preferred reverse phone lookup site like USPhoneLookup, TruthFinder, Cocofinder, or Spokeo. These tools will return results like the owner’s name, associates or friends, possible mailing addresses, email addresses, property records, and criminal records. 

Can you Google search for a phone number?

It’s possible to Google search a phone number due to Google’s giant database of information. However, the phone number must be associated with publicly available data to yield any results. Mostly you may find business phone numbers especially those on business websites and directories. However, running a Google search may not yield any results for personal or unlisted numbers. 


Ultimately, using a “who called me from this phone number” service gives you the advantage of learning valuable insights about a strange or suspicious number to help you make the best decisions about calling that number back or not. At the very least they can help you verify if it’s a legitimate number or not. Never hesitate to look up any phone numbers whenever you’re unsure about a mysterious call or text. 


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