How to Track My Wife’s Phone For Free

The question – how to track my wife’s phone for free is one that too many people have shown interest in.  Tracking a spouse’s phone is a delicate matter, especially when you’re torn between trust, safety, and ethics. 

You might want to consider carefully the legal and privacy implications. But in the end, there are many online tracking solutions, mobile apps, or other cheating spouse tracker solutions to keep track of their location and possibly what they are doing on their phone. Here, we’ll talk about some delightful location and phone tracking solutions highlighting their core features and how to use them. 

Why track my wife’s phone location?

Often, tracking my wife’s phone is both about safety and suspicious activity. If your spouse is going to an unfamiliar location, traveling alone, or has a medical condition, tracking their location can give you that peace of mind. It’s also a smart choice during emergencies.

Other valid reasons might be suspecting her of suspicious activities like infidelity. You may also track her location because you want to surprise her on her birthday or your upcoming wedding anniversary. No matter what, you should always obtain explicit consent from your spouse before tracking them. It’s much better to reach a mutual agreement that fosters trust, and transparency and helps you stay connected throughout the day. 

How to track my wife’s phone for free

So, how to track a cheating spouse without them knowing? Phone tracking services often use the GPS, cellular towers and Wi-Fi signals that your phone transmits. Just make sure you pick reputable tracking services that specialize in family safety to ensure your data is protected at all times. 

For lost phone 

Some tools are better designed to help you find your device quickly when lost than as a cheating spouse tracker. They might come with additional alerts for thefts and remote device erasing features.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is a great tool for finding lost devices. It comes with several theft detection alerts such as taking a picture of anyone whenever they try to open the phone without its password alerts when the SIM is removed, or an uninstalled app. You can also make your spouse’s phone ring, erase, or remotely lock your spouse’s device. However, it can also serve as a GPS tracker for cheating spouse. You’ll be able to keep track of your spouse’s location in real time and even set up geofencing alerts. 

Here’s how to use Where’s My Droid as a cheating spouse tracker:

  • Download the “Where’s My Droid app directly from the website or Google Play Store. 
  • Setup on your phone and subsequently on your partner’s phone following the on-screen prompts.
  • Now you can log into your commander account and track their location for free. 


  • Geofencing and theft detection alerts
  • Uninstall alerts
  • Can wipe, lock, or play sound remotely
  • Device stats or Wi-Fi
  • View location history and track in real-time.


  • A bit pricey
  • May affect the performance of your spouse’s phone.

Pricing: Starts free, paid plans begin from $8.99 per year

iPhone’s Find My

iPhone’s Find My is also a great app for keeping track of your spouse’s location in real-time. Depending on the Apple accessories they have with them, you can track their Airpods, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhones, and even AirTags in one single app. Besides location tracking, this app also comes in handy when you lose any of these items. You can easily lock the screen, display a message like your contact information, or erase the device remotely. 

To set up the iPhone’s Find My on your spouse’s device:

  • Ensure they are logged in to the same iCloud with you. 
  • On the target device, which is your iPhone, or iPad, go to Settings > ICloud > Find My
  • Toggle on the ‘Share My Location”. feature. If you’re turning it on for the first time, you’ll need to re-enter your Apple ID and password
  • Click on ‘Find My iPhone” and toggle on “Find My iPhone, Find My Network “and”Send last location”. Turning on all three ensures the iPhone can send its last location when the battery is about to run down. Also toggle on “Find My Network” so that the device shows up when it’s turned off.
  • Now go to the Find My app on their iPhone and tap the “Me” tab
  • Enable “Share  My Location” 
  • To set up find my wife’s iPhone, go to the People tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap “+” And then tap again on “Share My Location”
  • You should already see your family’s contact since you share an iCloud account
  • Choose to share your location for one hour, till the end of the day, or indefinitely.

To find their location in the future from your iPhone.

  • Open your “Find My” app and go to the People tab.
  • Tap on their name and their location pops up on the map. You can also click on “Directions” to see how you can get to them.

Alternatively, you can go to Apple’s Find My iPhone service via your web browser.

  • Log in with Apple ID and passport.
  • Click on the desired device and see where it appears on the map.


  • Geofencing alerts.
  • Can wipe, lock, or play sound remotely
  • Device battery stats. 
  • View location history and track in real-time.


  • Your wife’s device will receive a notification that her location is being shared
  • You need to be on the same iCloud account or have access to her iCloud account.

Pricing: free

For location sharing 

Some tools won’t offer a real-time view of your spouse’s location. But they make it easy for you and your spouse to share your locations whenever you desire. 


Glympse is a fantastic app for tracking my wife’s phone. It allows your spouse to quickly share their live location with you by ‘sending you a Glympse’. This means your spouse will send you their location via a text message link which upon receipt, you can see their location on your map. 

  • To set it up on your spouse’s phone, download Glympse from the Apple or Android app store. 
  • Tap on “ I Agree” to agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Create an account using your email and enter the verification code sent to you. 
  • Allow “Glympse” to send you notifications. 

Now you can see your location on the app. 

  • You should also set up Glympse for your spouse as well using the steps above. 
  • Go to the bottom of your screen and click on the “G”  icon.
  • Choose to “request location” from your spouse or “share location” with them. 
  • If you click on “request location” , then you have to enter your name.
  • Next tap “add recipient” choose your spouse’s contact and choose “Send”. 
  • Glympse will create a special message to share their location. 
  • They can now share their location with you by clicking on the link, which takes them to their Glympse app where they can share their location for the amount of time they want. 


  • Share or request your spouse share their live location
  • Get directions on how to get to your spouse’s location easily.
  • Ideal for setting up custom location tags for business or public meetings. 


  • Requires downloading the Glympse app on both you and your spouse’s device
  • Needs your spouse to share their location whenever they want to or not.

Pricing: free, premium starts from $9.99 monthly.


FollowMee is also a great find my wife’s phone location tracker. With this handy tool, you can track your spouse from anywhere. FollowMee also comes with other tracking features like Geofencing. Plus, you

  • Register your account at the FollowMee Phone tracking page
  • Download and install FollowMee on the IOS,  Android or Windows device you want to track. 
  • At the bottom of your screen, enter the login details you used in registering via your desktop.
  • Now go back to the FollowMe website from your desktop and click on Map to view their location in real time


  • Straightforward location tracking solution 
  • Does not drastically slow down the tracked device’s performance


  • No geo-fencing or other GPS features. 

Pricing: Free. 

Alternative ways to track my wife’s phone location

For those looking for an easy-to-use find my wife’s phone location tracking service, LocatePhone is the answer. This GPS tracker for cheating spouse works directly from your browser and it can find a phone anywhere in the world. There are also no limitations on cellular providers or operating devices it can find. 

LocatePhone works by combining cellular towers, Wi-Fi, and GPS technology to accurately find the location of any smartphone. As long as your wife has her phone with her, you can use this tool to check up on her with ease. All you need is her phone number. 


  • Track any phone by cell number from anywhere in the world with precision up to 3 meters from their location.
  • Tracks any cell phone regardless of operating software and location in the world.
  • Get street-level details on where your spouse is.
  • Complies with local laws regarding privacy and surveillance
  • Find lost or stolen devices by IMEI number online
  • Enjoy dedicated iPhone, Android, and Samsung location tracking features.


  • Does not provide real-time monitoring
  • No features for monitoring call logs, text messages, or social media monitoring.

Here’s how to use LocatePhone for tracking my wife’s phone:

  • Enter the number you want to find and tap “Locate”. Don’t forget to add the country code.
  • Enter your email address where the results will be sent to. Select “Locate” again.
  • Once locatePhone finds the location, it will show it on the map.

Pricing: starts from $0.89 


Can I track a cheating spouse without her knowing?

It’s possible to track a cheating spouse with a GPS tracker, spyware, or even a recording device. But you must also check your state (and country) regulations on consenting. Some states and countries demand asking for consent from said spouse before they can be tracked. 

Can I track a phone with a SIM card number?

It’s not possible to track a phone directly from the SIM card number, because SIM cards don’t have a GPS tracker embedded in them. However, you can track using built-in GPS receivers and third-party tracking apps, when that SIM card is plugged into a phone, turned on, and perhaps, connected to the internet. 


Now you know how to track my wife’s phone for free or using paid third-party solutions. Fortunately, there are tons of easy-to-use solutions. Some specialize in tracking while others double as control apps, and a good number are also great for tracking lost phones. 


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