How to Track Samsung Phone with IMEI Number

What does it take to track a Samsung phone by IMEI Number? Naturally, no one has to deal with the nightmare of losing their phone. So you might consider whether tracking using a Samsung IMEI tracker is worth the ordeal. This guide will share with you everything about the effectiveness of Samsung IMEI tracking alongside other ways to track and recover your Samsung phone. 

How to check IMEI on a Samsung phone

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) is a unique 15-digit number that’s registered with your smartphone’s manufacturers and carrier networks. It works like fingerprints. To check IMEI on a Samsung phone:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Go to the end of your Settings page and Select “About Phone.”
  • Tap “Status”
  • Select IMEI information

Alternatively, you can simply dial “#06#” and your IMEI information should pop on the screen.

How to track a Samsung phone with IMEI number

You may consider tracking your Samsung phone by reporting to the police and providing them with the IMEI number. Their ability to successfully track your Samsung phone would depend on your phone’s status and location. Fortunately, there are other options you can try alongside such as using a Samsung IMEI tracker. Let’s talk about some Find My Device Samsung by IMEI number services you can try. 

Online IMEI tracker

The Online IMEI tracker is one of the best “Find my Mobile Samsung by IMEI number” services that provides global tracking in over 150 countries in the world. With this simple and intuitive website, you can get the precise location of your device within minutes. Here’s how to track a Samsung phone with IMEI number using this tool: 

  • Go to the Online IMEI tracker and tap “Track IMEI”.
  • Enter the IMEI number and the country you believe your phone is in and click “Track IMEI”.
  • This tool begins searching and generates results quickly. 
  • Once your results are ready, you’ll be notified. Next, click “Get Your Phone Position.”
  • Now you can verify your identity by clicking on the ads to access the results. 


  • Takes minutes to find results about your phone’s possible location.
  • Browser-based solution that works on desktop and Android devices.


  • Ads can be confusing, and sneaky

Samsung IMEI tracker app

You can also track Samsung phone by IMEI number using the Samsung IMEI tracker app. This handy solution works from within the app, helping you share your location with any other device with the same app. But to use this solution, you must have previously installed the app on your target device and other smartphones in your network. Here’s how to use it: 

  • Download the Samsung IMEI tracker on your Samsung device. 
  • Next, enable the Samsung IMEI tracker on that target device by registering on the app
  • You can now generate links on the app to share with your friends and family.
  • Your friends can view your location in real-time using their own installed Samsung IMEI tracker app. 


  • An easy tool to control how you track and share your location with others in real-time. 


  • Your entire network must download the Samsung IMEI tracker app
  • It does not use the IMEI system to track the phone’s location.

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How to track a Samsung phone without IMEI number

There are times when tracking using a “Find My Lost Samsung Phone by IMEI number” service may not be convenient. On such occasions, you can leverage other data you have about your lost device such as its phone number or built-in-native features. Here we talk about how to track a Samsung phone without an IMEI number.


LocatePhone is an amazing alternative to the “Find my Device Samsung by IMEI number” service. This solution lets you track your Samsung phone with just the phone number of the target device. It works anywhere in the world, regardless of your cellular service provider or internet connectivity issues. 

LocatePhone requires installing no mobile app. Instead, it triangulates the possible location of your phone by taking advantage of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular tower signals. You can also operate this delightful tool without professional help.

To find my lost Samsung phone, here’s what to do:

  • Type in the phone number of your lost Samsung phone and select “Locate.”
  • Now, type in your email and click on “Locate” again. 
  • Once LocatePhone finds the phone, you’ll be prompted to pay for the search and your results sent to you via email. 


  • A browser-based solution that works on all devices
  • Finds any phone, no matter where it is in the world
  • LocatePhone does not rely on IMEI to estimate the phone’s location.


  • A paid service

Samsung Galaxy Watch 

If you have a Galaxy Watch connected to your misplaced Samsung phone, then you can easily track it. This method won’t use the “Find My Mobile Samsung by IMEI number”. But it works for occasions when your Samsung phone is possibly nearby because it relies on the Bluetooth or internet connection range between your Samsung device and watch. 

Here’s how to track a Samsung phone using your Galaxy Watch:

  • Go to the Apps tray and click on the SmartThings Search icon.
  • Now select “Start” to make your smartphone ring. 
  • Your Samsung Galaxy phone will begin ringing. You can use the X button to make it stop ringing when you’re done.


  • Ideal for quickly finding misplaced phones.
  • Can set off the Ringer to deter theft.


  • Not suitable for finding stolen phones

SmartThings Find

Samsung’s proprietary SmartThings Find has a Find My Mobile feature that allows you to find your Galaxy phone, tablet, watch, and other Samsung devices with ease. It’s a great app for keeping track of your phone in real-time, which is great if you think it’s been stolen. If you even turn on “Offline Finding”, you’ll also continue to receive insights about where they are located even when they are offline. But then you’ll need to set up Find My Mobile first to use this feature:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap your Samsung Account at the top of the screen.
  • Check to enable the Remote control. 
  • Now, scroll down to “Find My Mobile” and tap.
  • Now toggle on “Allow this phone to be found “.

Subsequently here’s how to track a Samsung phone:

  • Go to the Samsung Find My Mobile website and choose “Track Location”.
  • Tap “Start” and Find My Mobile will begin sending you regular updates about your phone’s location. If you no longer wish to receive updates, you can also simply select “Stop”
  • You can also make your Samsung phone “Ring” as well as retrieve messages and erase all data remotely using this app.


  • A superb solution for tracking all your Samsung devices including smartphones, watches, and more. 
  • Makes it easier to regularly check on your phone especially when it is a bit far from you
  • Leverage “Offline finding” to uncover the last known location as well as location history. 


  • Requires your Samsung ID and password to find devices. 

Tips to prevent Samsung phone loss

It is a nightmare to deal with a lost phone. However, there are some habits you can emulate to help prevent such from happening. Here are those tips that can help keep your Samsung phone safe:

  • Set the right password: Consider a strong password word that can give anyone such a hard time figuring it out.
  • Develop a habit: Train yourself to always keep your phone out of sight and in the same pocket or designated bag compartment. Taking advantage of muscle memory can ensure your phone remains self. 
  • Never leave your phone unattended: It’s so easy to place your phone on a table or some surface and forget all about it. Instead, try to keep it with you at all times. 
  • Turn on Find My Device: Make sure you’ve enabled the Find My Mobile feature by SmartThings Find on your phone.  This life-saving tool allows you to remotely lock your phone, track it down, and even erase it clean whenever needed. 


Can you track a switched-off phone with IMEI?

You can’t directly track a switched-off phone using IMEI. But IMEI can help your carrier provide details on the last known location where the cell tower signals last connected before shutting down. If you also report your phone stolen by filing a police report and providing the IMEI number. If the phone is turned on again and connected to a network, the IMEI flags it to the carrier, allowing the police to track its location. 

Can I track an IMEI number through Google Earth?

You cannot track an IMEI number through Google Earth. Google Earth is designed for viewing geographic information thereby displaying maps, satellite images, and 3D terrain models. It does not have access to real-time location data from your smartphone which is required for tracking a lost or stolen phone. 

Can I find a Samsung phone if it’s offline?

It’s possible to track a Samsung phone even if it’s offline using the “Find My Mobile” service. However, this won’t be the same as real-time tracking which depends on internet and cellular network connection. In this case, you’ll take advantage of your previously enabled “Offline finding” on that phone to pinpoint your phone’s location especially if it’s nearby. 


Ultimately you can try using a “Find my device Samsung by IMEI number” service to find your smartphone’s last known location based on cell tower signals. But if you’ve already enabled Samsung’s Find My Mobile, it makes for an excellent start which allows remote tracking, loving, and wiping your phone. Third-party Samsung IMEI tracker solutions that track phones using phone numbers may also improve your fighting chances by triangulating location via cell towers, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Remember to act quickly, thereby leveraging several tools at your disposal might help you recover your Samsung device in no time. 


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