Top 5 Canada People Finder [Tested & Reviewed]

A People Finder Canada service allows you to find data about anyone. Perhaps, you’d like to locate a long-lost friend. Or you would love to know if a close or casual friend has any shady records. Or maybe you’re trying to track someone down. 

Thankfully there are several ways to find people in Canada. Here we’ll share some of our favorite People Find Canada solutions, highlighting what we love and dislike about them. 

Best People Finder in Canada

Generally, there are tons of Canada People Finder services out there. But only a few deliver on their promises. Take a look at the online browser-based tools we’ve outlined below which are super easy to use. You can try them out immediately and find out why these people’s search engines offer all the advantages you can think of. 


What we like

  • An amazing way to find people in Canada for free 
  • Access a database of user-generated suspicious phone numbers.
  • May provide address on certain listings

What we don’t like 

  • Some listings contain Incomplete or outdated data 
  • Only works for listings in Canada
  • Anyone can remove their data from the platform.

Canada411 is one of the best people finders in Canada. You can search for anyone using their name, address, Facebook, phone number, postal code, area code, and more. However, this tool aims at helping you find their address, and map of their area and possibly receive directions on how to get there. With this Canada people finder service, you can also access a database of known scam/spam phone numbers sourced from user-submitted complaints on the platform.

Records Finder 

What we like

  • A comprehensive database of matching records 
  • Makes it easier to search using fewer details
  • Easily search for anyone using their social media username

What we don’t like

  • Complicated pricing model

Records Finder is also a great tool to find people in Canada. With this free People Finder Canada service, you can search for people using their full name, phone number, email, social media profile ID, and more. You also don’t need to have all the details to begin your search. Even as little as their social media username or full name is enough to access a host of matching records and public data. This tool makes it easier to find data like profession, career changes, employees, and social and contact information about anyone from Canada’s ten provinces.

Canada Finder 

What we like

  • A huge database of addresses and phone numbers
  • Free people search engine
  • Find people in Canada by last name with ease

What we don’t like 

  • The website runs ads 
  • The website often displays inaccurate details

Canada Finder is a simple, no-frills solution that gets into the business of finding people right away. On this website, you can search for anyone using their full name, city, and state or by looking up their phone number or postal code. You can even use this tool with just their last name. Your search will quickly return with possible phone numbers, aerial maps, and address of all names that match your search.

WhitePages Canada

What we like

  • Free People Find Canada tool
  • Comprehensive A to Z Names directory 

What we don’t like 

  • The website runs ads.
  • Too many ad pop-ups open in new tabs on the website
  • Limited listing

WhitePages Canada is also a great free people finder in Canada. Here you can search for anyone using their name, city, or phone number. However, the search feature on this website often brings back no results. It’s much better to use the A to Z Names Directory on the website to manually scan for the name you’d like to check. That said, WhitePages Canada has a very small database of records. 


What we like 

  • Robust database of public records 
  • Can find the address, and phone numbers

What we don’t like 

  • Limited listings on individuals 
  • More focused on searching for businesses

YellowPages is also a great tool to find people in Canada by their phone number, address, neighborhood, and more. Most people use this tool to find businesses. But YellowPages and Canada411 often compile their databases together to give you comprehensive results on anyone. So, if you try reverse lookup using their phone number, you’ll find records of people and businesses matching your search. 

How to find people in Canada free

What if you wanted to find people in Canada for free? There are a few good tools you can try. Here are some free Canada people finder tools. 


Google, which is one of the largest search engines in the world, may help you find tons of information about anyone. It may even be the starting point of figuring out the social media pages they use as well as any articles that may have mentioned them. However, this tool might help you find people in Canada for free but you may have to filter through millions of pieces of information to get any results. Also if the person you’re looking for has a common name and perhaps you don’t have any other information about them, it might make the search too complicated.


Twitter is also a decent way to find people in Canada for free. However, most people on Twitter use pseudonyms and aliases for their usernames unless they have a strictly public profile. However, it’s a great place to begin your search. 


LinkedIn may yield a more fruitful search than Twitter because most people are entirely professional on the platform. You might also find details about their employment, job history, profession, work colleagues, schools they’ve attended, and more. This may also help you gain insights into where they’ve lived. However, they have to be on the platform. Plus, they’ll be notified of your checks and LinkedIn may require you to have an account after a few searches. 


There are billions of people on Facebook. Hence, it’s possible to find them there. However, for some reason recently, there have been hundreds of duplicate accounts and similar names on the platform. If the person has also set their profile to private, you won’t be able to see it. 

How we test the best Canada people finder

Finding the best Canada people finder tool can be tricky. That’s why we manually and carefully tested diverse People search sites based on the ease of use, pricing, user feedback, and unique features. In the end, we came up with a list of favorites that may help you find people in Canada effectively. 

Bonus: How to find people by phone number

When you want a People Finder Canada service that can help you pinpoint the exact location in Canada, LocatePhone – Find People by Phone Number is an amazing option. It combines Wi-Fi, Cell tower triangulation, and GPS technology to give you location-tracking results that are up to 3 meters accurate. For instance, if you want to find people in Ontario Canada, it does a great job of estimating their district and may provide an aerial map of where they are at. All you need is their phone number to kickstart your search. You’ll love using this tool to find people in Canada. 


How to look up Canadian phone numbers?

You can use Reverse Lookup tools like Canada411 and Mlocator to find information about the owner of any Canadian phone number. These tools may help you gather data like the person’s contact information, business addresses, spam records, potential locations, family members, and even criminal records. 

How to find a lost friend in Canada?

You can try searching for that long-lost friend in Canada using free tools like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and more. Alternatively, you can use a People Find Canada service which makes your search more specific. All you need is their full name, or phone number, to find details such as their last known addresses. 

Can I find a person by name?

It’s possible to find someone by name using social media, search engines, and people search websites. Often this requires a careful and thorough assessment of results to finally find who you’re looking for. People search websites may streamline your search by offering a more straightforward and efficient path to the data you need.


Ultimately, you can find people in Canada with a wide variety of tools. From free solutions like Google to dedicated people find Canada locator services such as MLocator.  Give these tools a try and you’ll be amazed at the amount of data they can help you gather about that person.


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