How to Find Someone on Tinder [2024 Updated]

Are you wondering how to find out if someone is on Tinder? It may be that your curiosity was triggered by an old affair, or you feel your partner could be playing games. Even though Tinder does not have an integrated search engine, there are different ways to navigate through their massive user population.

We will walk you through different methods, for example using the app and Google tools. However, it is important to understand that privacy must always be the priority.

How Do You Find People on Tinder? 

Launched in 2012, Tinder is an online dating and geosocial networking app. On Tinder, users may choose whether to swipe left or swipe right to like or hate the profiles of other users. These profiles contain the individuals’ images, a brief bio, and a list of their interests. Let’s look at some tips for using Tinder’s discovery capabilities to narrow your options and perhaps even identify your ideal match.

Use Tinder App

On Tinder, this is the sole authorised method for looking for a specific user. There is no Tinder search person feature that allows you to find users you haven’t matched with. But you may look for someone in your list of matches if you’ve previously matched with them.  

  • Open the Tinder app on the home screen and tap on the Message icon. It is on the upper part of the screen and looks like a speech bubble.
  • Once you have got to the search box, swipe your fingers downwards from the top of the screen. 
  • To find the person, just type the name in the search bar.

Use Google Search Engine 

Google is the ultimate free search engine, and that’s also true for finding people.

  • Open the Google search engine.
  • Type “” followed by the person’s name.
  • Hit enter and check the results for matches.
  • Click on a result to see the Tinder profile

A reverse picture search is another way to look for individuals on Google. If you have a nice photo of the person you’re looking for, especially if it was used as a profile photo, their Tinder profile may appear in the search results. 

Use the People Finder Tool 

You may use several websites to find someone on Tinder. These services can assist you in verifying whether the person you’re looking for has a Tinder profile if all other avenues have failed. One of these websites is Spokeo. 

Spokeo is a data aggregation service that compiles information from various online and offline sources. It can include public records, social media profiles, and contact details. While there’s a chance it might uncover someone’s Tinder profile if linked to other accounts, proceed with caution.

Here’s how Spokeo might help: 

  • Visit Spokeo’s website.
  • Enter the person’s name in the search bar.
  • If there are multiple results, filter by location or age (if known) to narrow it down.
  • If you find a relevant profile, consider purchasing a report (Spokeo offers paid plans) to see if their Tinder profile is linked.

Search on Other Social Media 

Yes, using a social media search engine might help. Social Catfish is one option. It lets you search for Tinder profiles by phone number. It searches a lot of data to find social media profiles connected to the number.

Directly looking for the phone number on social networking sites is an additional approach. You may be able to discover the Tinder profile in this way if the user links their Instagram or Facebook account and uses the same username across both platforms.

Can You Find Someone on Tinder Without Joining? 

Yes, you can. The website LocatePhone allows you to check the current position of any phone from any of the main mobile carriers. The target person’s mobile number is all that is required. This approach may be especially useful if you don’t have a Tinder account.

It’s a rapid and easy method to locate someone without requiring tracking software installation on their smartphone. Follow these steps:

  • There is a search box when you first arrive at the website. Put the person you’re looking for’s phone number in that box.
  • After you’ve entered the number, click the “Locate” button.
  • Once you hit locate, you will be required to create an account before you get your results
  • After that, LocatePhone will search through any profiles connected to that phone number. The location of the phone number you entered will be sent to your email address.

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How to Find out if Your Boyfriend Is on Tinder for Free?

There’s a free way to check if your boyfriend has a Tinder profile with his real name.  Just type “’sname” in your web browser. Tinder will try to find his profile using that name.  However, this won’t work if he’s using a fake name.

How Do You Find Someone on Dating Sites by Phone Number?

So, how to find someone on Tinder by phone number? Of course, you can do it. And so can anyone else. But not directly through the Tinder app itself. Here are two methods:

  • Free People Search Services: These services search publicly available information to find people based on phone numbers. Examples include Radaris and Spokeo. Remember that the information might not be accurate, and these services may charge a fee for detailed information.
  • Social Media Search Engines: Social Catfish is a paid service that allows you to search for Tinder profiles using phone numbers. It searches over 200 billion records to find social media profiles and other information linked to the phone number.


Finding someone on Tinder can be a mixed bag. While the methods above offer possibilities, remember to prioritize privacy and ethical boundaries. Open communication is always the best course of action if you’re unsure about someone’s intentions on Tinder. After all, genuine connections are built on trust and transparency, not detective work.


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