Free & Paid Phone Number Tracker in Canada 2024

With the advancement of technology, the importance of having reliable and efficient phone number trackers to ensure the safety of loved ones, security of personal devices and employee productivity cannot be overemphasized. 

So, this article explores the latest phone number trackers, highlighting the features, benefits and limitations of the free and paid options available to Canadians. If this is what you need, just head down to the details.

Comparison of phone number trackers in Canada

Above is a straightforward comparison table, let’s look at some more detailed information below.

Phone number trackerBest forFree/PaidShow current locationTrack phone by GPS satellitesCheck location history
TechwelkinLost phone trackingFreeNOYESNO
Phone LocationLost phone trackingFree & PremiumNOYESNO
EmobiletrackerLost phone trackingFreeNOYESNO
LocatePhoneLost phone tracking
Parental control
Employee tracking
Scannero.ioLost phone tracking
Parental control
Employee tracking
GeoFinderLost phone tracking
Parental control
Employee tracking

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Free phone number tracker in Canada

If you want to track a phone number in Canada for free, here are three options. 


Techwelkin is a phone number tracker tool that supports tracking American, Canadian, Indian, and British phone numbers. It has a simple interface and simplified steps. Just enter the phone number and begin the process. This website will tell you where the phone number comes from, including the city, state, and country. Anyone can use it without hassles, and the good thing is that this website is completely free to use. However, one uncomfortable point is that the interface has ads, but that’s why it’s a sustainable website for its revenue stream, we guess.

Phone Location

Phone Location is an all-in-one platform for phone number tracking, and it is free but offers premium options. Compared with Techwelkin, it supports more countries over hundreds. What’s more, utilizing GSM and UMTS mobile base stations, it can track phone numbers worldwide. It is safe to use and comes with both reliability and convenience. You do not need to register or download anything. The most notable thing is that, unlike Techwelkin, it provides 24-hour customer service for instant help and the interface is clean with no ads. 

If you want to track a lost phone number‘s  location, just enter the phone number in the box, choose the country of the phone number, and click on the Launch button. After a few minutes, you will get a location on the map.


Emobiletracker is a website dedicated to phone number tracking and is compatible with over 233 countries, including Canada. It can track not only the country but also the telecom operator. If you receive a stranger’s phone call and want to know their detailed information, or you lost your phone and want to know the location, this website is a good choice. It is completely free. However, we can see the interface contains too many ads, which is not a good thing. 

Just enter the phone number in the box and click the button. You will get the phone’s location right away.

After learning three free-to-use phone tracking platforms, let’s check three paid phone tracking service providers.


LocatePhone is a phone number tracking service that adopts advanced algorithms to locate a cell phone number and provide an accurate, current location with minimal error. By using data from GPS and cell towers, LocatePhone is able to track phone numbers all over the world, regardless of the phone brand, including Android, iPhone, or Samsung devices. Thus, users can use it to track the owner’s location when they receive a suspicious phone call, keep an eye on the location to safeguard the children, track the employees during office hours, and locate their lost phone.

What’s better is support to track up to 5 devices throughout the day simultaneously. That makes it stand out in the market and is very impressive. After signing in to the account, users can check the location history,reverse phone lookup by number and see if your email was leaked. The price is $0.89 per order, which is not expensive at all.  

Speaking of the processes of using LocatePhone, it is very simple to follow. Just enter the phone number, pay the bill, check the location on the map, and that’s it. is another phone number tracking service provider that is dedicated to meet the individuals and companies needs for reliable phone number tracking. Like LocatePhone, it also supports reverse phone lookup and shows the current location. You can use it to monitor employees, safeguard children, and locate lost phones.  

The interface is intuitive, and the processes are simple. Simply create an account on this site, send a phone number tracking request, and pay for it, and then you wait for the result to be demonstrated on the map. The one-day trial option is $0.89, and if you wish to continue to use it, you will need to pay a monthly price of $49.8.


GeoFinder is the third paid option for cell phone tracking. It can find someone’s location on Google Maps in minutes just by entering the cell phone number. This means it can also support safeguarding children all day around when they are out of home, locating lost phones, and monitoring employees who are out in the field.

The processes are easy as well. Enter your phone number, pay the bill, and check the result. However, the price is a bit high. It does not have a trial option or one-time off plan. There’s only a monthly price of $49.99.

Alternatives to Phone Number Trackers

If you are not comfortable with the above methods, there are more alternatives to phone number trackers. Such as reverse phone lookup platforms like, etc., location sharing of Google Maps, location feature some apps, etc. is a people finder and business directory, a white page. It can be used to reverse phone lookups, find people in Canada, and many other search options. So, if you have any need in reverse phone lookups, it can also be helpful. It will give you the specific telecom operator, place of belonging of the phone number. However, if you want to find the real time location of the phone holder, this does not work, you will need the other solutions. 

Mobile phone apps’ location feature

In short, many apps, like social apps’ Whatsapp, facebook, etc.  Google Maps and iPhone’s Find My Device all have the location share feature. The location share feature can help you locate your employee’s or children’s real-time location, which is also a good choice


Can I find out who the telephone number belongs to in Canada? 

YES. It is simple to find out the telephone number operator. Just use the reverse phone lookup tool like, etc.

Can you track a phone number without them knowing?

Yes. When you use a phone number tracking service, all the phone owners involved will not know.

Can you track a phone through Rogers? 

NO. But it can help you block the lost phone if you suspect that your phone has been compromised. Contact Rogers. They will add you to a national list of lost or stolen devices so that your device can not be used in Canada.

Can TELUS track a phone number in Canada? 

NO. If your phone is lost, TELUS advises you to use Find My iPhone, Google’s Find My Device, or other tracking service to locate your lost phone. TELUS will help suspend the service for the missing device instead.


With the development of technology, cell phone number tracking is getting easier and more accessible. All you need to do is enter the cell phone number you want to find, whether you want to find a lost cell phone, monitor your employees in the field, or care about the real-time location of your children while they are away from home, all of the above phone number tracking platforms can do it for you. These collected free and paid services have their good and bad aspects. You just need to use one that fits your needs.


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