How to Search Person by ID Number in South Africa

Have you ever thought about how to find someone by ID number in South Africa? Chances are you need to find a lost loved one, or trace a scrupulous character. Today, there are tons of techniques like tracking someone online using their name, address, or even trace their South African number. Here we’ll talk about the different ways you can trace a person, especially legal and ethical methods to try.

Can I search for a person by ID number?

It is complicated tracing a person in South Africa by using their ID number. Generally, only certain authorized channels, such as government departments and agencies are allowed to do this. Under the Protection of Person Information Act (POPI Act), accessing personal information such as addresses in South Africa, without authorization is illegal and unethical. So, before you consider any paid or free search person by iD number tool in South Africa, make sure they are legitimate and authorized by relevant authorities. 

How to search person in South Africa for free

If you’ve considered how to find someone by ID number and you can’t seem to find the most legitimate way to do so, you may try other methods. Let’s talk about the different approaches to tracking a person in South Africa such as using their name, social media searches, email, or even last known address.

Via name 

If you want to trace a person by their name, South Africa has a number of reverse search directories that can help. Consider SA directories like WhitePages,and even South African Government contact directory for finding public and government entities and officials. 

WhitePages (Yep eBooks) compiles Yellow pages eBooks (scanned from paper books) to create an extensive directory where you can find information such as their possible business address and even social media profile details. 

First, you’ll need their name, possibly business name and city. WhitePages, compiles its ebooks by cities (e.g Johannesburg, Boland and West Coast, Southern Cape). Click on any applicable book to expand to full screen and search carefully for their name and business name. However, you’ll be able to find information such as their business address instead of their personal lives. 

By photo

If you are wondering how to find a person with photo, there are tons of ways to do so. Google reverse image is one fine example. Simply, go to Google Reverse Image search engine, and upload the person’s photo. Using that photo, Google will try to find its source, alongside similar photos on the internet. 

Consider modifying your search settings by going to, selecting Settings at the bottom of the page > Search Settings > Other Settings > Language and Region > Results Region. 

This way, you can narrow your search to South Africa. Next, carefully review similar and related images, until you find websites (and social pages), where you can find more information. 

With phone number 

When you have a legitimate reason to trace a South African number, there are several phone number location tracking solutions you can try. Always remember that it can be illegal to track a mobile phone in South Africa, especially for malicious purposes. Consider obtaining legal permission from the owner of that phone to avoid any legal consequences. 

A great solution is LocatePhone’s Find People feature. All you need to do is enter their phone number (plus South Africa’s country code) on the LocatePhone’s Find People website. LocatePhone is a global phone tracking solution that can track by triangulating their location based on Wi-Fi signals, GPS technology, and cellular service provider data. With LocatePhone, you’ll receive GPS coordinates (and other information) about their location. 

Through email address

What if you want to know how to locate a person through their email? You can consider using an Email Lookup service like Anymail Finder, RocketReach, or EmailHippo. If you have their work email, you can try tools like Hunter,  or ZoomInfo to find any professional information associated with the company email addresses and domains. 

Work emails are also great for searching social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There people often list their emails to the public right next to other professional (and often personal) information that would help you know who they are. But may not be able to search with the emails directly. Instead, you’ll need to guess variants. For example, translates to, janesmith email, or jane

Alternatively, you can also enter their email on search engines like Google to see if their email shows up on any public forums or even social media profiles. Often, you should consider using numerous tools, to help connect the patterns to their real identities. 

By home or work address

A great way to locate a person is by searching using their last known home or work address online. Consider using public records sites like TruthFinder or Intelius. These sites allow you to find public property ownership records associated with their name. Do note that often, this could differ from the properties that they are currently residing in. 

Still, some public records may also find their apartment or house numbers. You may also be able to get an idea of their location by looking for unlisted addresses based on street, city, or zip code data matches. This can help you build a timeline and possibly find their current location. 

Using the South African police department

If you are genuinely concerned about someone’s whereabouts, you should go to the South African Police Department for help. The police will often require details about that person such as their last known location, description, and other information that can help with the search. Also note, that you cannot use the South African Police Department to find someone for personal reasons such as debtors, ex-partners, or people you’ve lost touch with. You would require a legitimate concern for their safety or even a court order.

Is it legal to trace a person in South Africa?

It can be legal to trace a person in South Africa depending on the methods you use and the reasons for tracing them. First you must consider South Africa’s strong privacy laws such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Next, consider using authorized channels such as government institutions, law enforcement agencies, or licensed entities. Then, you can also try using legal public record search sites, which allow you to trace property ownership records and other publicly available information. You can also try tracing their phone numbers, emails, or social media profiles online as well. Nevertheless, always respect someone’s privacy. And if you’re unsure about how legal it is to trace anyone, you can try speaking to a lawyer or relevant authority for guidance. 


How do I find out who an ID number belongs to?

In South Africa due to privacy laws, you may not be able to search for a person by their ID number. However, you can try methods such as searching for their name, email, or social media names online. That said, the best way to find how to find someone by ID number is via law enforcement, government agencies, or licensed skip-tracing companies.

How do I find a long-lost family member in South Africa?

To find a long lost family member in South Africa, you can start by searching using their image, email or last known address on people search sites and phone lookup services. Alternatively, you can also consider organizations like Salvation Army, ICRC or South Africa Red Cross Society who have special departments dedicated for tracking and re-establishing family members especially after they’ve been separated due to armed conflict, migration and flight, natural disasters and other humanitarian crises.

How to trace a missing person in South Africa?

The best way to trace a missing person in South Africa is to visit the nearest police station and open a missing person’s case by filing a report. Ideally, you’ll be asked for details such as their name, physical description, and last known location.


Ultimately, tracing a person in South Africa doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider using people to search websites or phone lookup services to find their name, address, social media profiles online or trace their South African number. And before you try a free search person by ID number in South Africa, always make sure you employ authorized pathways and have their legal consent .


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