How to Find Someone’s Address: 11 Proven Ways

You may use a number of simple and cost-free methods to find out where someone works. This guide explores eleven proven methods and solves your doubt of how can you find someone’s address, utilizing online resources, public records, and even detective work. Remember, respecting privacy is key. Let’s find that missing piece and get you back in touch!

How Do You Find Someone’s Address  

Whether you want to find someone’s home or work address, for safety reason or keeping connected, this guide has got you covered. Below are 11 simple ways using which you can find someone’s address.

Find Where Someone Lives With a Phone Number 

You can easily find someone’s address using the website LocatePhone. Simply type in phone number and LocatePhone will employ GPS satellites, WiFi and cell tower triangulation to find where someone lives. Once received signals, it will deliver accurate address, including the person’s current country, state, city and even street name.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Enter the phone number you wish to geolocate.
  2. Enter your email address to receive the geolocation result.
  3. Create an account and wait for the result.

4.Receive an SMS with the exact location on your mobile phone.

    Reverse Address Lookup 

    For information about someone’s residence, there is no better place than the reverse address look up websites such as Intelius, Social Catfish among others. They are the best way to know the caller’s name and his/her location. These websites collect information, sort it, and offer consumers complete reports. 

    Intelius offers Reverse Address Lookup that can help you get someone’s address and any other information linked to it. It searches state, federal, and public records databases for the address. Intelius will prepare reports based on information available from the publicly available records.

    1. Go to the Intelius website.
    2. Type in your address, city, and state, then go to the search option.
    1. Intelius will generate the report and let you download the report to your device.
    1. The report contains geographical details, former occupants, neighbors, owners and other relevant information.

    Public Record Search 

    To find the addresses, you can use public record facilities like Death Master or National Property Database. Otherwise, you can search the voter ID and property records database. 

    With a professional reverse address search service, it is easy to find a person’s address and other details. Thus, these services may help in finding various public documents on the Internet and in databases.

    It is also feasible to determine addresses from names using voter registration list entries. However, you must recognize that the procedures and restrictions for accessing voter registration lists change per state.

    1. Determine which county contains the address you are looking for.
    2. Contact the county tax assessor’s office and ask for an address search. It may be contingent on the open availability of address information from one county to another.
    3. Conduct an online search for Tax Assessor <county name>.
    4. Once you’ve entered the website, find the free search option to create the information.

    Social Media Profile 

    Social media is a massive source of information that may be used to determine where someone lives. Whether you’re looking for a phone number or an address, social networking networks are likely to provide you with useful information.

    You may locate a person’s address on Facebook. Visit their Facebook profiles to find out where they are. Review the postings to trace the locations and determine a person’s present address. You may narrow your search by entering the city’s name, a notable landmark, or a specific location.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide:

    1. In your Android device’s Facebook App, tap the search (magnifying glass) icon in the upper right corner.
    1. Enter the person’s name in the field given and then click the magnifying glass button.
    2. Navigate to the People tab to view the list of people’s name recommendations that show in the search.

    Google Maps

    Google Maps is a straightforward way to find someone’s current position by looking at satellite photographs accessible for various locales. Go through Google satellite photographs to see where you believe a person could be. You may use Google Maps to find an address for free.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding people’s addresses using Google Maps:

    1. Sign in to Google Maps using your PC. Make sure your Google Contacts list has the relevant person’s address and direct contact name.
    2. Look for the address or name in your Google Contacts list.
    3. Google will display suggestions. Select the suggested name or address to view it on Google Maps.

    Licensed Private Investigators 

    A private investigator may locate the address of the person you are desperately searching for. Of course, using these services is not free. With their skills and manpower, local private investigators can find out where someone is right now.

    Every resource at their disposal—addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, criminal histories, tax filing data, etc.—will be used by the private investigator. A quick Google search will turn up hundreds of local private investigators. Examine their testimonies to ensure their legitimacy before selecting a select handful.

    Make sure your interview questions align with your expectations and criteria. You have to ask the investigator to provide their most recent licensing and insurance records. Talk to them about the kinds of investigations they have done and the previous clients they have served.

    Local Libraries and Archives 

    It is possible to obtain information about a person’s address by searching local libraries and archives. The stages that you may think about are as follows:

    1. Use the information found in public libraries to look for a certain address. Find the closest library, pay it a visit, and ask for phone books, old newspapers, and city directories. To locate the necessary information set, you might ask the librarian for assistance. 
    1. Historical directories and archives are available at certain libraries. These archives hold records dating back a number of years. Look through these archives and directories to find previous residences and other information on a certain individual.

    Court Order 

    A court order may be used in certain legal countries to get someone’s address. Before approving the request, the authorities will check the justifications you provide to the court. The fundamental stages are as follows:

    1. Speak with an attorney to get advice. Indicate why you need to locate the address of a person. The lawyer will assist you in obtaining the address through a court order if they deem your justification sufficiently strong.
    1. You have the option to sue the individual if there is a legal disagreement pertaining to your circumstances. It is advisable to include an address disclosure commitment with the lawsuit when it is filed.
    1. You will have a legal right to get the address when the case is filed and the court makes an order.

    Postal Address Correction 

    So, another method for how do I find someone’s address is requesting a postal address correction. It is a great approach to locate someone’s current address as well, especially if one of the previously listed techniques wasn’t successful in providing the information you were looking for. You will be guided through the postal address correction procedure in this section.

    1. Addressing an envelope to the person’s prior address should be your initial step.
    2. In the unlikely event that the envelope cannot be delivered and must be returned, write your name and return address on it.
    3. Put “Address Correction Requested” on the envelope. This will let the postal service know that you’re trying to get a correction for your postal address.
    1. Seal the envelope, then mail it. Your envelope containing their most recent and up-to-date address will be returned to you within a few days to a few weeks.

    Alumni Directories 

    Reaching out to your alumni office can be a great strategy. If the individual you’re looking for attended the same institution as you, this is fantastic news because their address information is probably current with the alumni office.

    1. Get in contact with the alumni office of the college where the person you’re looking for went if you did. To accomplish this, locate their email address or phone number and be ready to contact them.
    2. You would want to reconnect with an old classmate. Tell the alumni office of your desire and request their address and current contact details.

    Ask Around 

    You can find someone’s address without having to ask them. You can find out someone’s contact information via friends, relatives, or other reliable sources who would like to keep it confidential. For any reason, make sure your cause persuades them to give you their contact information.

    If it’s feasible, you might even go up to your friends and give a strong justification for your question. Informing them that you are searching for a long-lost buddy or a former coworker is a simple method to get information out of them.

    If you know the person’s workplace address, contact them to ask for assistance. It’s possible the person isn’t employed by that office right now. Nevertheless, they could offer crucial details regarding the whereabouts of their former worker.


    How to find out where someone lives by name?

    To find someone’s address by name is possible. There are a few methods for locating someone’s address. The best method for finding an address by name is to use personal search engines and tools.

    Can someone find your address from a license plate in Ontario?

    Yes, this information is accessible to both people and businesses. Considering how many individuals in Ontario own a car or possess a driver’s license, these databases are regarded as trustworthy sources of up-to-date name and address data.

    Can I find out who lives at an address?

    Finding a find person by address is difficult. Property records might reveal the owner’s name, but not necessarily the resident. Public records searches may offer some leads, but privacy laws restrict access to detailed information.


    You may easily find address of person by using their phone number in addition to easily accessible public records using digital indexing. Positive identification usage through a variety of services is still legal as long as permission and intent are taken into consideration.


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